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Director, Head of Brand Marketing
Christian Navarro is a seasoned marketing and brand leader. Insights and results focused. Always a mentee and mentor. Conspirator in crafting break-through creative. Currently, Christian is the Director, Head of Brand Marketing at Lime, the world's largest provider of shared electric vehicles. Christian has previously held brand and marketing roles at global brands like Spotify, SoulCycle, and Levi’s. He came up as an advertising agency lead while working with established lifestyle brands (Ray-Ban, Google, Johnny Walker) & start-ups (, Strava) across almost every industry.
15 March 2023 15:30 - 16:15
Panel: Hire, train, retain - building the ultimate marketing team
Building your marketing team can be detrimental to your organization if handled poorly. Our panelists will discuss the importance of a high performing marketing team and exactly how to go about it, from hiring processes to diversity, inclusion and training. Get tips on how to retain your teams, the impact of thriving teams on revenue, how to achieve better cross functional collaboration and drive retention.

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